Port Colborne Juice Selection

Salt Nicotine

American Patriots – Classic Tobacco
Really Berry – Blueberries, Blackberries and Lemon
Amazing Mango – Mango, Peach and Cream
Brain Freeze – Strawberry, Kiwi and Pomegranate served cold
Frost Bite – Cantaloupe, Honeydew and Menthol
Green Blast – Honeydew, Kiwi, Grannie Smith Apples
Hawaiian Pog – Orange, Passonfruit, Guava
Lava Flow – Strawberry, Coconut, Pineapple

by The Juice Punk

 Quadberry – Black Currant, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry

Pound Town – Flour, Water, Sugar (sweet pound cake)

Darts – Canadian Tobacco

Mint Condition – Refreshing blend of Minty goodness

Saltworks Orange – Juicy Navel Orange

Tropic Ice – Mango, Passionfruit, Guava

Raspberry Sour Apple

Grapefruit Watermelon

Peach Apricot

Pomegranate Orange

Blueberry Kiwi

Pink Dream – Fruit blend with vanilla and cream

Orange Peach – Sweet peach with orange and mango

Green Lime – Lemon lime soda freshly squeezed to perfection

Rainbow Punch – Delightful fizzy tropical beverage

Purple Grape – Mix of grapes and ripe raspberries

Golden Pineapple – Fresh pineapple with exotic fruits and zesty orange

Blue Raspberry – Vibrant blue raspberry soda


Swedish Berry – Ripened summer berries

Fuzzy Peach – Sweet peach flavour with a hint of sour

Cherry Blaster – Fresh ripe cherries with a sour twist


Salted Caramel – Perfect marriage of salty and sweet

Harambae – Grapefruit, lemon, lime, blood orange, guava

Papio – Pineapple

Kanzi – Strawberry, kiwi, watermelon

Matata – Grape and apple

Gattago – White grape

Tropika – Lychee, papaya, passionfruit

Mangabeys – Mango, pineapple, guava

Lemur – Lime

Hakuna – Fuji and grannie smith apples with cranberry

COMING SOON: Infinity Salt Nic!!!

*** Please note: Salt nicotine is not for use with sub-ohm tanks (to prevent over-consumption) and must be used with a small, low-wattage device like the Aspire Breeze, Smok Rolo Badge, Aspire PockeX, etc.***

Traditional E-Juices

Vanilla Taffy

Strawberry Taffy

Honey Bunz – Cinnamon sugar pastry topped with a honey glaze

Berry Bluez – Blueberry pastry with whipped cream and powdered sugar

Sour Berries – A sour blend of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries

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S-Bend Line – $9.99!

Orange – Fresh orange juice

Berries & Cream – Berries and fresh cream

Strawberry – Authentic natural strawberry

Traditional Line

Strawbana – Strawberry Banana delight

RY4 – Tobacco, vanilla, caramel, nuts

Watermelon – Sweet natural watermelon

Militia – Strawberry Lemonade

Big Blue – Blue Freezie

Blue Razz – Blueberry Raspberry

Candy Floss – Mixed gummy candy

Cracker Jack – Caramel popcorn

Dragon Fruit – Exotic fruit

Fuzzy Peach – Just like the candies!

Rasponade – Raspberry lemonade

Menthol – Crisp, cool, refreshing menthol

Graham Master – Graham Cracker, Caramel

Tillsonburg Tom – Canadian Tobacco

Stock – Flavourless

Hakuna – Fuji and Granny Smith apples with a cranberry finish

Harambae – Grapefruit with lemon, lime, blood orange and guava undertones

Matata – Grape inhale, apple exhale

Kanzi – Strawberry, watermelon, kiwi

MakaRaz – French macaroon, nutty almonds and raspberry filling

Mangabeys – Bright and fresh blend of  pineapple, guava and mango accented by a myriad of Caribbean fruits


Coffee & CreamCoffee, caramel and cake


Caramel Tobacco – Tobacco & caramel

Golden Tobacco – Canadian Tobacco

Crunch Berry – Cereal, milk & berries

Fruit Punch – Fresh fruit punch

Melon Ice – Delicious honeydew melon with cool menthol

Yogurt and Berries  – Fresh picked berries with Yogurt

Loop Shake – Fruity cereal in milk

Root Beer – It’s all in the name

Vanilla Custard – Custard, cheesecake

White Hot Chocolate – White chocolate and peppermint

               Cotton Candy – Sweet and reminiscent of the county fair               

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*NEW* Kingsbury Cubano and Americano

Canadian Tobacco

Sweet Bourbon

Ice Punch


Strawvacado – Fruity strawberry and smooth avocado

Watermelon Twist – Watermelon with hints of lychee and honeydew

Lapis Berry – Blend of ten different berries including açai, blueberry and blackberry

Cherimoya – South American super fruit with hints of banana, peach, apple, pineapple and strawberry

True Blood – Blood orange and grapefruit on the inhale and star anise on the exhale

Caramel Tobacco – Tobacco with caramel

Banana Blueberry – Banana and blueberry emulsion

Very Berry – Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

Pom Kiwi – Pomegranate and Kiwi

Fruit Punch – Classic fruit punch

Bubble Gum – sweet bubble gum

Root Beer Float – Root Beer and vanilla

Blue Slushie – Blue raspberry snow cone

Dragonfruit Mango – Dragonfruit, mango and an assortment of tropical fruit

Sugar Cookie – Sweet, oven baked goodies

Doughnut – Old-fashioned glazed doughnut

Vanilla Cream – Creamy vanilla

Mango – Fresh mango

Kiwi Berry – Kiwi and mixed berry

Gummy Candy – Gummy bears

Mocha Latte – Chocolate and coffee beans

Island Punch – Strawberry, coconut, watermelon and kiwi

Butterscotch – buttery caramel and sugar

Cool Mint – Menthol with peppermint and spearmint

Cheesecake – sweet fancy dessert


Cowboy – American pipe tobacco