Tips & Tricks

Know your vape-related terminology:

Drip tip – Your vapes mouthpiece
Mod – An electronic device which contains a battery and requires a tank.
Coil(AKA Atomizer) – The metal cylinder inside of your tank where all the magic happens – Basically an element.
Pod – The plastic container holding the e-liquid in smaller MTL style vapes.

Tank  –  The glass or metal tank that holds the e-liquid                   
Throat Hit– The feeling an vape user experiences when the vapour hits their throat.
E-liquid– Flavored or flavorless liquid available in varying amounts of nicotine.
VG – Vegetable Glycerin, one of the main ingredients in e-liquid, makes for denser vapour.
PG – Propylene Glycol, another main ingredient in e-liquid, makes for a stronger throat hit.
Nicotine – The most addictive substance in the world.
Salt Nicotine – Nicotine turned into its salt form after under going a reaction with acid. Allows for much greater nicotine concentrations than basic freebase.
Fire/Fired/Firing –Activating your vape to take a puff.
Dry Haul – Puffing on your tank full of juice without firing.
Dripping – A more advanced style of vaping which requires you to drip e-liquid on hand made coils.
Sub-Ohm – Vaping with a coil that has a resistance of below 1.0 ohms, requiring more power from the battery but yielding a much bigger vape cloud, and better flavour.

Tips and tricks to help you enjoy vaping:

-Prime your coil,  drip some e-liquid into a new coil before firing it for the first time, dry haul to ensure your coil is soaked enough in the e-liquid. Blocking your tanks airflow and dry hauling speeds up the process.

-Check your coil,  make sure it is tightly threaded in.

-Replace your coil every one to two weeks or when the vapour tastes burnt.

-Pull your drip tip out when filling your tank or changing a coil so your tank sits flush on a surface.

-Shake your e-liquid before filling your tank.

-Fill your tank on a napkin or paper towel.

-Fill your tank on an angle.  Avoid getting e-liquid in the airflow chimney that connects to the drip tip

-Store your e-liquid away from direct sunlight, preferably in dark place like a cupboard.

-Keep your e-liquid out of reach from pets and children.

-Clean your tank with plain water.

-Clean the connecting pin where the tank threads onto the mod with a Qtip(rubbing alcohol can be used as well)

-Check the optimal power output for your coil (usually written on the coil) to avoid burning the coil.

-Make sure your battery is on.

-Charge your battery every night or when needed.